Photo Contest

This month we’re doing a photo contest about your pets. Here are the rules!

By Piper Esmon

Got pets? Like to take their picture? Well now you can enter the pet photo contest!

Step 1- Find your pet     Step 2- Take a photo      Step 3- Print out your photo

Step 4- Bring it to Elevate :Make sure your name is on THE BACK on your entry, so we know that it’s yours! Turn in your entries in the folder on the activity wall. The deadline to enter is Feb. 21st

Five finalists will be chosen by the newspaper crew on February 21st. WE WILL NOT PURPOSFULLY PICK OUR FRIEND’S PICTURES. This is why your name should go on the BACK. The winner will get a free snack form the concession stand!

Step 5- Wait: Voting will begin Feb 21 in the voting box on The Wall. Last day to vote is March 7th!

ONE VOTE PER STUDENT Since we want a fair contest, please write your full name on the BACK of the picture so no one knows whose photo is whose. Do not bribe your friends to vote for you. PLEASE do not enter joke pictures! We accept serious ones only. Failure to follow the rules will sadly see your pet pic disqualified, and that will make Fluffy sad.                                                   Good luck!


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