Meet the Reporters

Hi, guys! Here you can get to know our reporters!!

•Managing Editor•

Amy Burle: Amy Willoughby-Burle is a writer, editor, and homeschooling mom of four children. She was raised Kure Beach, NC. She graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in English, concentrating on creative writing–which still remains her passion. She is happy to be in Asheville and excited to be part of Elevate Life and Art; the kind of place and program she would have eaten up with a spoon when she was young. She is the author of Out Across the Nowhere, a collection of short stories. Her fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals such as Potomac Review, Inkwell, Sycamore Review, Reed Magazine, The MacGuffin and many others. Amy believes that creativity and education not only pair well together, but need each other to thrive. Creative writing teaches students to illustrate and illuminate not only the world around them, but the world within them, all the while opening up new avenues of learning and discovery.


Ava: Hello, my name is Ava. I enjoy rock climbing, D&D, and drawing. I also like to edit books, movies, and newspapers. My favorite things about being a reporter for the newspaper is the great friends, and awesome experience. I also like learning about reporting and layout.


Ella Andrei: My name is Ella Andrei.  I am in love with writing. I write novels, short stories, and fan fiction. It’s my dream when I grow up to be an author and a songwriter. I also love animal, especially my Beagle Annie, my Great Dane Jack, and my eight cats. Usually I will either be writing books, or outside in the peaceful woods with my dogs. I love being in Elevate Kids because I get to write articles and find new writing styles.


Jessica: Hi, my name is Jessica. I write the Teddy’s World articles and more. Being here at elevate has been extremely fun! My hobbies are singing and dancing. I also like to bike and play baseball. I want to do a triathlon and a kids spartan race. I love animals and everything nature. I write books, too. That’s why I wanted to write for elevate kids. I have a little brother and a golden retriever named Benny. When I’m an adult I want to be a dancer, an athlete, or a singer/songwriter.

Liam: Hi my name is Liam and I am 12 years old. I like to play lacrosse and soccer. I love to do photography and work on the newspaper. I have a sister named Phoebe, a lizard named Thomas, and a dog named Oliver. I hope I can keep on doing the news paper for the rest of time.