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Black Death

by Ella Andrei

  • This book is a fan fiction based on the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I don’t own any of the characters except Penelope and Zachia. All credit goes to Rick Riordan and his amazing characters.  

Chapter 1- A Guest from the Underworld

Penelope Jackson sat at her bedroom window staring into the darkness. Visions of her life in boarding school flooding through her mind. How she never felt normal, how she only saw her mother in the summer, how she never knew what she did to cause this.
“What’s happening to me?” Penelope asked herself slowly, staring out into the darkness. A knock at her door broke Penelope out of her daydream. “Come in!” Penelope called. Penelope’s mother slowly walked in the door.

“Oh hey mom”, Penelope said glumly. Penelope’s mom stared at her.

Uh, mom?”

“Oh my dear Penelope. You have to go. It’s time.”
Penelope stood up. “Time for what?” Penelope’s mom walked closer.

“Penelope, there is so much I have never told you. So, so much. I kept you hidden from him all this time. I sent you away to boarding school so he would never meet you. But I know now that it is time for you to meet him.”

Penelope felt like she was about to faint.

“Meet who? And you said you sent me away cause you wanted me to try to get past my dyslexia!”

Penelope’s mom’s eyes filled with tears”.

“Penelope, that wasn’t why I sent you away. I sent you away because of the monsters. They will harm you more then anyone else because of who your father is.”

“M-monsters?” Penelope stammered. Penelope’s mom nodded.

Penelope stumbled back so fast she knocked into a bookshelf sending books flying everywhere.
“M-my brother? But you said I was an only child!”

Penelope’s mom started crying. “I did it only to protect you! If Percy knew he had a little sister he would have never left you! But he had to.”  The lights started flickering.

“Penelope they are coming! You must go. Now!”

The whole house started shaking.

“Mom what’s going on?” Penelope screamed.
“Penelope! You have to go. Go, now!”
Penelope grabbed her backpack and ran out the door. She didn’t know what was going on. But she knew that her mother knew something she didn’t. Penelope crashed out the door not even looking back. She heard screeches and howls behind her. She ran across the street and into the woods. Penelope’s feet started burning and she realized that she forgot to get shoes. But she didn’t stop. She kept running faster and faster. She heard the howling and screeching getting louder. Penelope ran faster then ever. Her feet felt like they were on fire. She screamed as she felt a slimy hand grab her shoulder.

“My, my, my. A demigod. Smells mmmm, delicious!”

Penelope didn’t know what the monster was talking about, but she didn’t dare ask. She felt a claw press against her back. Penelope tried to scream but she couldn’t. The claw pressed harder until she felt blood running down her back. Penelope cried out in pain. I don’t want to die, Penelope thought hopelessly. Waiting for death was intense, but after a minute nothing happened. She looked back and saw the monster. It was huge. It had slimy grey wings and an ugly face with long pointing horns. The monster had one claw in the air like it was about to strike. But it never did. It started turning to dust. Before Penelope’s eyes the monster crumpled to dust at her feet. Holding a bow where the monster once was, was a girl about the same age as Penelope. She had long black wavy hair with faint purple stripes, and held a bow with a stack full of arrows on her back. The girl looked terrified. She held the bow in her trembling hands. The two just stared at the dust for a minute. Finally the girl spoke.

“Are you ok?”

Penelope tried to talk but she couldn’t.

“You must be like me. I’ve been running for a while too”, the girl said.

Penelope finally got her voice back. “You saved my life.” The girl started shaking.

“I know. But it was just luck. My mom gave me this bow. Without it, we both would be dead.”
The girl held out her hand to Penelope. “I’m Zachia Grace”, she said.  Penelope slowly shook her hand. “I’m Penelope Jackson.” Zachia stopped trembling and smiled slightly. Penelope tried to ignore the burning on her back. But she soon fell to the ground.

“Oh my gosh!” Zachia cried, “You’re not ok!”

Penelope looked up. She tried to stand but it was no use. The wound made her back throb in agony. Zachia grabbed Penelope’s hand and pulled her up. Penelope almost blacked out.
“We have to go”, Zachia said. Zachia held Penelope’s arm as she started walking deeper into the woods. Penelope stumbled along beside Zachia trying to stay upright. Zachia’s hands started trembling as she tried to lift up Penelope’s weight. Finally she couldn’t do it. She fell to the ground with Penelope on top of her. Penelope cried out in pain.

“Sorry!” Zachia said, “Oh this is not going to work.”

Penelope closed her eyes and waited. She was useless. She couldn’t walk or move or do anything! Zachia sat beside Penelope and put her head on her knees. They just sat there for a minute listing to the sounds of the night. But one sound didn’t sound like a night creature. Zachia looked up as she heard a big loud “WOOF!” Out of the trees came the biggest black dog that either of them had ever seen.